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MOVIE REVIEW: The Social Network

March 15, 2011 - by Frank Scaturro

The Access Services Desk recommends you WATCH ....

The Social Network

Directed by David Fincher. 2010. PG-13. 120mins. Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake.  Oscar winning Adapted screenplay written by Aaron Sorkin. Based on a book by Ben Mezrich, “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal

What started out as a way of ranking hot girls, grew into an idea (whose idea is ultimately the question) to create a place for people to socialize online in a whole new way. Where Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor of Facebook, gets his idea is left open to interpretation. Did he steal the idea?  Did he betray his friend? Director David Fincher and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin weave the story in and out of different hearings and lawsuits that flashback to the events leading to the start of Facebook.

How do we connect nowadays? This may cross your mind after watching The Social Network. The Mark Zuckerberg in the film is socially awkward, so it seems only natural that he, with his considerable computer knowledge, would create the most popular social networking website. In the last scene of the movie, he is seen “refreshing” his ex-girlfriend's facebook page multiple times in contrast to the first scene of him getting dumped the old fashion way, face to face.  Sorkin's witty script is brought  to life by Fincher's great direction and a good young cast led by Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield.

Movie review written by :
Michael Ganci and Kathy Bucalo of the Access Services Desk in Swirbul Library

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Library Mobile App, New Website, and Search featured in The Delphian

September 22, 2010 - by Stan Bogdanov

The following is a reproduction from a May 3rd, 2010 Delphian article:

The new Adelphi University Library mobile application offers "the library in your pocket," according to its tag line. A general cell phone application, the Mobile App was launched March 8. This virtual feature joins the library's recent student-friendly additions: the AlicatPLUS (AlicatPLUS.adelphi.edu) search box with one interface, biBLiOGraphy (http://blogs.adelphi.edu/library/), as well as Facebook (http://facebook.com/AULibraries) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/AU_Libraries) accounts.

"The new library features will better integrate the library into the students' academic experience to the extent that the new social media features fit into the students' habits," said Charles Simpson, Dean of the Library. "They enhance our ability to both improve communication with our community and better connect our users with our resources."


Created and designed by Library Instructional Multimedia Specialist Stanislav Bogdanov, the Mobile App is part of the AU2Go application suite and offers students information, including library hours and floor maps, librarians' contact information, the link to the library's blog, and music streaming from Swirbul's Naxos database, among others. It will be accessible from iPhones, iPods, and Android phones, such as T-Mobile's G1. "It's a web-based (online) application, which means you don't have to install it on your phone," Bogdanov says. "It's a WebApp." "The Mobile App allows us to offer many of our services and resources to the growing number of our users who own web-enabled mobile devices," Simpson said. "The better we can enable our users to connect to us, the better we can serve them. I'm happy to say that we are among the first libraries to develop a mobile application, which is a credit to the systems staff at our library."

"Students today are more inclined to do a Google search than any other type of search," Scaturro said. "It is uncontested that Google is the premier search engine of choice for millions of users." Designed by Innovative Interfaces Inc in Emeryville, CA, the AlicatPLUS search tool has one interface, similar to Google's single search box. It allows students to conduct broad searches through the library's items and obtain accurate results, according to Library Systems Administrator Frank Scaturro. Using this new system, users are now able to see their search results clearly and refine them through tag clouds and facets. Currently available to the Adelphi community, AlicatPLUS can also be accessed by alumni and the outer community, according to Scaturro. It coexists with the classic Alicat catalogue, which continues to provide specific searching by author, title, call number, subject, and advanced keyword.

Swirbul's biBLiOGraphy blog is authored by the Library Web Committee, which is chaired by Associate Professor Lois O'Neill. It covers information concerning new library features, collection items, technology services, and "READ," a program developed by Assistant Professor Debbi Smith featuring Adelphi community's favorite books. Those chosen to showcase their preferred readings can discuss their selections and receive comments from readers on the blog. Each member of the Web committee focuses on his or her area of expertise: O'Neill writes about databases; Eloise Bellard, Coordinator of Instructional Services, addresses matters concerning library instruction; while Bogdanov highlights the Mobile App. "We wanted to create a space specifically geared toward communication with students and other library users," O'Neill said. "The Library Web Committee is particularly hoping to get feedback about your experiences using the Web site."

The Adelphi Library also launched Facebook and Twitter accounts to disseminate the information published on the blog, as well as any events, promotions or contests organized by the Library, according to Bogdanov. "Our goal is to get students more involved and receive more feedback through mediums that they use every day, like Twitter and Facebook," Bogdanov said.

The new library features are part of Adelphi library's strategic plan, whose primary goal is enhanced service, according to Dean Simpson. It encompasses 300 recommendations, including more virtual services, an improved Web site, tutorials, Library facilities, collections, and information literacy instruction. Additionally, the library plans to offer access to journal articles delivered electronically within 24 hours through Swirbul's membership in ConnectNY, a 14-member consortium of academic libraries in New York. It encompasses 5 million books that can be borrowed directly, without going through the interlibrary loan process, according to Dean Simpson. ILLIAD, an interlibrary loan management system implemented in 2009, provides the interface for all borrowed journal articles and books from non-ConnectNY libraries and allows patrons to track the status of current requests and maintain a history of past requests.

New Electronic Resources

September 17, 2010 - by Lois O'Neill

We are pleased to announce the following new Library databases and electronic book titles, which are all listed on the A-Z list of databases.

Books@Ovid (Ovid) – provides the full text of some 300 nursing and psychology eReference books. The "Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" collection, included here, covers areas such as ACLS Review, Anatomy & Physiology, Assessment, Medical Surgical Nursing, and LPN and RN Expert Guides. Psychology titles include Brain Development and Cognition: a Reader, Biology of Depression: From Novel Insights to Therapeutic Strategies, Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development, as well as 11 other Blackwell handbooks.

Business Source Complete (Ebsco) - Provides full text for some 10,380 journals, with over 1300 including searchable cited references. Additional full-text content includes financial data, books, conference proceedings, industry and research reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, faculty seminars (videos), and more.

Canadian Newsstand Complete - Provides access to the full text of nearly 300 Canadian newspapers, with some backfiles dating  back to the late 1970’s.

Contemporary Women’s Issues (Gale)
 - provides full-text access to international information on women, including journals, newsletters, fact sheets, and research reports from non-profit groups, government and international agencies.

Health Reference Center Academic (Gale) - includes journal and encyclopedic information on medicine and consumer health.

Infoshare Online (Community Studies of New York) - includes statistical information related to health, income, neighborhood resources, and history of a community district in the NY metropolitan area, searchable by zip code, community district and neighborhood.

JBI COnNECT+ (Joanna Briggs Institute) - provides a gateway to evidence-based resources, systematic reviews, and best practice recommendations in nursing, medicine, mental health, rehabilitation, etc.

JSTOR – additional content has been added to JSTOR. There are 220 new journal titles in the area of Arts and Sciences, 50 in Business, and 161 within the new Life Sciences Collection.
MLA Bibliography (Ebsco)
 - offers bibliographic access to journal articles, books and dissertations in language, literature, folklore and the dramatic arts. It dates as far back as the 1920s.

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (Gale) -  includes articles with pro and con viewpoints on a wide range of social issues, from terrorism and gun control to stem cell research.

Orlando: Women's Writing in the British Isles from the Beginnings to the Present (Cambridge) - Provides original biographical and critical accounts of over a thousand writers in a dynamic, multiply linked format. Related contextual material in areas such as law, economics, science, writing by men, education, medicine, and politics is also included.

Proquest Central - large multidisciplinary database including more than 12,000 titles, over 9,745 in full text. Besides journals, PQC includes 880 full text newspapers, some 30,000 full text dissertations, and nearly 9,000 market reports, with some backfiles dating as far back as 1905.

ProQuest Accounting & Tax - Provides access to current journals, trade publications, working papers and dissertations on accounting, tax management, auditing, tax, financial law and more, with some publications in full text.

ProQuest Asian Business & Reference - Provides information on companies, economies, markets, and overall business conditions throughout the Eastern Hemisphere, as well as on international trade, dating as far back as 1972.

ProQuest Computing - Covers  topics in database design and management, software, hardware, e-commerce, website development, intranets and extranets, technology management, and product reviews, from 1990 to the present, with some 350 of its 420 titles available in full text.

ProQuest Criminal Justice Periodicals Index - Covers criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections administration, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law, and industrial security, from 1981 to present, with some 100 of its 250 titles available in full-text. ProQuest Newsstand - Includes some 900 international, national and regional papers  from 1977 to the present,  with over 850 in full text.

ProQuest Religion - Includes 150 journals from 1986-present, with most available in full-text.

ProQuest Science Journals - Covers topics in physics, engineering, astronomy, biology, earth science, chemistry, etc., from 1986-present, with more than 965 of its 1145 titles available in full text.

Ruth St. Denis - An Inside Look At Her Life from Barbara Andres

March 31, 2010 - by Stan Bogdanov

St. Denis The library is pleased to offer for your listening pleasure, two oral histories about the world-famous dancer and choreographer Ruth St. Denis. Prof. Mary Manning (currently at Texas A&M University) and Intern Vannessa Nastro (completed internship in Fall '09) from Adelphi Libraries' Archives and Special Collections, recorded the audio on 10.17.2008 and 11.28.2009. The audio recordings feature an interview with Barbara Andres - a dancer who once trained and performed with Ruth St. Denis. Ms. Andres talks about meeting St. Denis, her dancing, technique, persona, choreography, and spirituality. If you are interested in learning more about what it was like to work with the woman who started Adelphi University's dance program - now is your chance! To access the recordings, click on the link below to open the files in iTunes:

Oral History about Ruth St. Denis by Barbara Andres

In order to listen to the audio - simply double click the name of the file you want to listen to. Streaming should begin momentarily - depending on your internet connection. Since the files are uploaded in Adelphi's iTunesU site - you will need Apple's iTunes software to open the link. iTunes can be downloaded for free from HERE.

Ruth St. Denis founded Adelphi University’s Dance Department in 1938. Although she came out of a vaudeville tradition, she was one of the first professional dancers outside of ballet to treat dance as a serious art. St. Denis was best known for her dances based on Asian styling, elaborate costumes and settings, Delsarte-based poses, theatrical characters, and expressing spirituality through beauty. Prior to her work at Adelphi, she was the co-founder of Denishawn Company and School. She is credited to be one of the founders of modern dance.

The University Archives and Special Collections offer a great collection dedicated to the artist. You can access the digital part of the collection here and then follow this link to our Special Collections page for a detailed finding aid and a wonderful exhibition catalog.

Barbara Andres was born in Lynbrook, NY on August 29th, 1936. She has performed in many different venues and under different choreographers and has had the pleasure to work with Ruth St. Denis directly. Ms. Andres had her debut right here, at Adelphi University, under the guidance of St. Denis.To learn more about her experience, follow the link to the oral histories.

We hope you enjoy this peek at the lives of Ruth St. Denis and Barbara Andres. Chime in the comments below and let us know what you liked or didn't like and what more you would like to hear!

The Library In Your Pocket! - Library Mobile Application

March 22, 2010 - by Stan Bogdanov

AU2GoAdelphi University Libraries are pleased to announce the release of the Library Mobile Application (Library App) as part of Adelphi's Mobile Application Suite - AU2Go! Months in the making, the Library App was developed in-house by Stan Bogdanov and the Library Web Committee in order to bring some of the most important library features to our mobile users. Anybody with an iPhone, iPod Touch, Palm Pre, or any smart-phone running the Android operating system can access the app. To access it, open the web browser on your mobile device, enter m.adelphi.edu in the address bar and click on "Library." If you access this address using a desktop browser, you will be able to see a short information video about AU2Go, voiced by the Library's own Nick Ferrelli. Complete instructions on how to access and save the app for future use, an FAQ, and a list of supported devices is also available on the information page of AU2Go. Library AppThe following features are currently available in the Library App:

  • Hours (of all Library branches)
  • Librarians (contact information for every librarian, arranged by subject specialty)
  • Service Areas (contacts for the different Library Service Areas)
  • Streaming Audio (a free service, offered by our NAXOS music database)
  • Floor Maps (resizable images of the Library floor maps)
  • Blog (a mobile version of our blog - biBLiOGraphy)

More features are planned in the coming months. We are looking to greatly expand the Library App and turn it into a full-featured tool that puts the Library services you want in your pocket! Some of the features planned include: search through Alicat, search databases and journals, manage references, locate books in the stacks, and more! Click on the images to access the App and tell us how we did using the Suggestions/Feedback link at the bottom of the Library App's page. We have created this app for you and would like to hear more about what features you want - feel free to tell us more in the comments below!


March 10, 2010 - by Charles Simpson


We are pleased to unveil AlicatPLUS, the Libraries' new discovery tool for library resources.  Check it out for features including a single search box, facets, tag clouds, community tagging, and an indication of items held in our ConnectNY consortium.
AlicatPLUS has been made available on the Library homepage as the default choice (Keyword PLUS) in a dropdown menu of search options. Choosing the dropdown choices for title, author, subject, call number, or course reserves will search our traditional Alicat catalog, now called AlicatClassic.
For further explanation a Help page is available: http://libraries.adelphi.edu/alicatplus/help.php

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