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GOING GREEN HARDCORE/Adelphi Goes Green-er

October 22, 2011 - by Christopher

ADELPHI GOES GREEN is going into left lane, high octane, fast driving GREEN. The amount of GREEN initiatives are starting to mount up. All of the Adelphi students received an amazing email on recycling/GREEN. Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs Kathleen Watchorn sent an email out. The email was titled"ADELPHI GOES-GREEN-ER" This email is showing some of the outstanding GREEN initiatives that are going on at the University. Adelphi has great things to look forward to. If you didn't get a chance to read it I will cover some of her projects and I want to advertise some of the upcoming blogs. I do not speak for Ms Kathleen Watchorn, so all the lame jokes, promises of Captain Planet and misspellings, are ALL my fault.

1. Lights out Party/CFL exchange October 23, Sunday 7:00PM-9:00. This means a free lightbulb to residential students! We have 500, so I want 500 students to stop by this party. I challenge you to show up and grab a lightbulb. I'll do something great for the campus, if we have 500 residential students.(CAPTAIN PLANET WILL SHOW, IF WE EXCHANGE 500) I challenge 500 residential students to trade in an old light bulb and get a free CFL lightbulb. Those CFL lightbulbs are $5-7 a piece, and you can get one for free. Please accept this GREEN challenge and come to Chapman Hall Lights Out Party. The Green Council and the Environmental Action Coalition club teemed up for this event. Those two worked hard, so I know its gonna be a wonderful party and great energy saver. 

This party is going to be fun, and the lightbulb will last longer than it will take to get your degree. Fine Print, if you take 45 years to get a degree it may not last that long. Seriously, party is open to everyone, but only residents can get a free lightbulb.

2. Water bottle filling, H20 filtration systems are on campus. These are top of the line water systems. You are getting higher quality water than money can buy. Last time I checked, water bottles are about two bucks. I suggest you save two bucks and save the Earth at the same time. My article will show the science behind water on Long Island and these water systems. Bottle filling stations are located in CRS near the major basketball court, AU PAC, and in the UC cafeteria.In the cafeteria its on the left as you enter.

Take a look at the reader on it, it shows how many bottles that system has saved so far. You will be surprised but I know we can do even better. I am going to come up with a challenge number. Maybe if we get a certain enough bottles saved we can get Captain Planet to come to class. Actually I don't have that much pull, but I want to challenge you guys to a number and throw something in your honor. Even if its just confetti it will be worth it.

3. "Alpha Kappa Alpha incorporated the sorority colors during - Think Pink Go Green." This will be a program that draws focus towards breast cancer for Breast Cancer Awareness month. More to come, I will try to get an interview. If you are the Sorority President this is a queue to email me.

4. During the fall students will visit Winters Brothers,our carting company, recycling plant. I am hoping to get an eyewitness report on this. I will be taking pictures and showing you the process our waste goes through to get recycled. It is a fascinating site. Big machines and high technology science.

5. Circle K is hosting a Better World Book Drive. Recycle all books to Circle K. It is the best use for them. Well, if you are still reading them, you might want to finish them. I am in the middle of Hemingway, but once I'm done with "A Farewell to Arms" I will recycle it. Microeconomics is going right into the recycling books, I have that memorized... I have 3 science books I will be donating too. So donate all the books you can. I have a guide to colleges in America and Canada, I'm already at a school so I think I can pitch that in. Look at your homes and rooms for good books. You will be surprised by the high quality books,you will never read, that can go to a great cause! If you bought an e-reader than you no longer need books, so donate!

I will be donating many books for the following reasons. It is an amazing cause, I mentioned that already. I'm single and if I donate books it will show how smart I am. People are attracted to smart people, that is Science. You are being smart by being part of a great cause, recycling, and showing people you can read.

6. Those blue recycling receptacles on campus, are recycling money going towards cancer. Please use them, I will be interviewing one of the members from the group. It inspires me when I see peers start programs like this. I know about science and this idea would never come to me. These people are being innovative and fighting for a good cause. Recycle-recycle-recycle.

Thank you for reading all the words I posted. I edit but some spelling mistakes make there little way in,English is not my first language,bad english is my first language. This post was not the most traditional one, but it was fun. Check your emails for all the GREEN initiatives. The jokes are lame but the causes are good so recycle recycle recycle recycle!

I will be doing blogs on these events, hope you take part of them, do your part for the Earth. Adelphi is providing so many ways to help.

Sincerely Yours,

Christopher Mayer

Adelphi Greens Oyster Bay Harbor

October 16, 2011 - by Christopher

Adelphi students joined with 200 other volunteers to clean the Oyster Bay Harbor. Members of Friends of the Bay and students from the East woods school, Massapequa High School joined Adelphi students. This event on September 17 was part of the Ocean Coast Cleanup Program. Adelphi students now join the ranks of over nine million volunteers who have clean up over 145 tons of garbage and debris.

The Oyster Bay Harbor Cleanup is recognized as one of many coastal cleanups taking place around the world as part of The Ocean Conservancy’s 26th Annual International Coastal Cleanup campaign. Over the past 26 years the Ocean Conservancy has been getting data from events like this and gathering it for many educational purposes.

The attack on garbage was from land and sea. Volunteers combed the beaches and harbor while boats were cleaning the water. Sometimes students had to get dirty to get clean. Students were putting on work gloves, rolling up their pants and sleeves and working hard. The harbor needed a good cleaning especially after all the storms that have been in the area. Students were working hard but having fun. These volunteers are stewards of the environment and make it possible for others to enjoy wonderful natural resources of Long Island. This event was made possible by the Town of Oyster Bay and community organizations

Oyster bay Town officials pointed out that without clean ups like this, debris would stay in the harbor and not break down for years. Everyone seemed pleased by the large turn out of volunteers and willingness of all to pitch in and help.
Receiver of Taxes James J Stefanich Stated

“Oyster Bay Harbor is an important natural resource, providing recreational and commercial opportunities, as well as serving as critical habitat for shellfish, fish and other types of marine life," Receiver Stefanich stated. "The beach cleanups help preserve the scenic beauty of the beaches and shoreline areas and help improve water quality by removing debris. They also reduce potential harm to coastal wildlife and marine life. Sea birds and fish can become fatally entangled in garbage such as discarded fishing line or six pack yokes. They may also mistake small pieces like bits of Styrofoam or plastic jugs, balloons or plastic bags for food and ingest them, usually with fatal results."

The Town and community organizations hope that this event serves as a reminder to reduce pollution and get involved. The Town hosts several events every year to aid the environment. The Adelphi students involved showed to the Town, community, and organizations the true spirit of Adelphi, one of public service. Adelphi students improve Long Island and lives of others by volunteering in many events every year.

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Christopher Mayer is an Environmental Studies major from Bayville, Long Island. He is Vice President of the Environmental Action Coalition and currently works for the Department of Environmental Resources in the Town of Oyster Bay. Chris enjoys baseball, politics, clamming and being outdoors in his spare time.

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